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Critter Watchers

Quality Care For Your Pets,
Added Security For Your Home,
Peace Of Mind For You!

Critter Watchers has been serving the San Fernando Valley since 1986

Some of the services provided Include Daily Walks, Scheduled Visits,  Overnight Service, Feeding & Playtime Activates, Watering Plants & Lawns, Administering Medication, Bringing in your Mail, Newspapers and Packages, Bringing In or Taking Out Trash Cans, Security Check Your Property, Plus most anything else you might need while you’re away can be arranged.

How it Works


Please contact me.  I’m more than happy to talk about your pet(s) and what you might need me to take care of when I come by to visit with your furry (or not so furry) friends.

Let's Meet

We can schedule a time and date when I can meet with you and your pet(s) so you can show me everything I might need to know about your pet(s) while you’re away.

Schedule a Date!

When you’re ready, simply call, text or email me your schedule for when you would be needing me to stop by to care for your pet(s) and I’ll confirm with you as soon as possible.

My Services

Visits range from 1 time every other day to 3 visits per day, and Overnight Service is available.  Most anything you may need to be taken care of while you’re away can be arranged.
Pet transportation to the Vet and/or the Groomer can also be scheduled.

Daily VisitS

Daily feeding, play-time, walks or what-ever else you might need.  Most visits are usually at least 30 minutes.  Each additional 30 minutes is $15.


2 Visits Per DaY

For when you might need 2 or even 3 visits per day.  Each additional visit beyond your first visit per day will be $15 each.  $55 (3 visits per day)


Over-Night StayS

Over-Night Service includes an evening visit, staying the night, and taking care of your pet(s) in the morning as well.


Critter Watchers?

Because I’ll treat for your pet(s) as if they were mine own.  I’ve taken excellent care of dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes, pot-belly pigs, horses, goats, chickens, hamsters, lizards, mice and even wild raccoons, for more than 3 decades now.







Service Area

Critter Watchers provides service to the entire San Fernando Valley from the western border of Burbank to Calabasas, and from Porter Ranch / Chatsworth,
to Mulholland Drive, and into areas of Topanga and Pacific Palisades. Plus, other areas can also be arranged if necessary.

Pet Owner Reviews

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Looking For Someone Dependable?

I’ve been taking excellent care of my clients pets since 1986…

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Other Stuff To Know

Cost of Visits

The 1st Visit per day is $25.00, additional time per visit will be billed at $15.00 per 30 minutes, additional visits same day are $15.00. Overnight Service is $55.00 per night.


Currently there is a 10% Discount given for 10 or more days of consecutive service. This also includes Every-Other-Day Visits (10 or more consecutive E.O.D. Visits over 20+ days).

Referral Fee

Currently, clients can receive a Referral Fee equal to one Visit ($25.00) as my way of saying Thank You for Referring your friends and family members to Critter Watchers. The majority of New Clients are from Referrals.  Note: The Referral Fee will be credited to your account once your referral has completed 3+ days of service.

Mileage Fee

If a mileage fee is charged at all, it is based on your location. This fee enables me to cover the entire valley, and beyond.  Those furthest away will be billed, per day, not per visit, to help with the additional cost of gas and travel time. These fees will normally not exceed $3 per day… And you will know this fee before service begins.

Pet Transportation

Pet delivery and/or pick-up, to or from the Vet/Groomer or other location will be billed as a Visit, plus a $10.00 travel fee (one-way, within 10 miles – over 10 miles will be billed at $1.00 per additional mile to final destination).

Payment Methods

Currently, you can pay for services with Cash, Check or CashApp.  Credit Cards can be accepted, if needed, processed through PayPal 

When Are Payments Due

Payments are due on or before the last day of service, or within a 7-Day Grace Period, which allows for plenty of time to mail your payment. Failure to pay by the Due Date will result in a $25 Late Fee, Further, all applied Discounts (except Client Referral Fee) will be voided, as discounts are only valid if your bill is paid On Time.

Returned or Non-Honored Checks

If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds, you will be required to pay a $25.00 Fee to cover any and all bank charges. Late Fee: $25.00; if your bill is not paid on or before the last day of service, or within the 7 day grace period that is provided.